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Gorgeous Belarusian Woman Lyudmila from Grodno, Belarus
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Svetlana and Fernando, France
The way of Svetlana and Fernando to each other was not simple and not rapid. Svetlana was registered with the agency for two years. As many fascinating girls, she had meetings with the men, but not to one of them she was wanted to present her love, tenderness and concern. One day Svetlana brought into the agency her best friend Irina. Fate was ordered so that quite soon Irina was introduced to the young Italian man Giuliano, who lives in France. They felt that they approach to each other and they decided not to pull with the wedding. During the day, when in France, in Myuluze city, occurred the wedding of Giuliano and Irina young likable Portugese, who lives in France, turned himself into the agency and asked about the encounter with only one girl - our Svetlana. When we realized, that Fernado lives in Myuluze too, along our skin the ants broke into a run. The meeting of Svetlana and Fernando took place in the evening. Our translator felt as the lightning of feelings flashed between them. This happened. Two halves of one soul found each other! Their wedding took place in the same glorious city Myuluze. Now both our girls and their families are happy. They live in Myuluze in ten minutes of walking from each other. It is much nearer than they lived in their native Belorussian city Grodno. This is the gift from the sky to people, who knows how to be friends and how to love properly.
Maya (Grodno, Belarus)
Natalia and Alfred, Germany
Natalia and Alfred have passed long way to find each other... Alfred already had negative experience of home life in Germany. Natalia has not had time to get married, she waited unique man and to measures of Belarus, was already not young bride of 30 years old. Natalia was the bride who searched first of all for feelings, sympathy and did not wish to be exchanged for acquaintances to men which did not cause in her sympathy at first sight. When Alfred has arrived to the agency he was 35 years old. And to tell you without false, he had at the Belarus brides great success. For him it was very difficult to make the correct choice. However, for that there is an agency to help the client and to avoid a mistake. So happens and this time. It was the end of the history about two loneliness and has begun a history of new happy family of Briegel. Natalia and Alfred are together during 5 years. They are happy. Leon is their son of 3 years old. Natalia adapted in Germany perfectly. They come to Belarus (city Grodno) every year and please us with their happy persons and family relationships.
Maya (Grodno, Belarus)
Robert and Margarita, San Diego, California
Once it was a meeting where two people found each other. The meeting passed successfully, both Margarita and Robert felt that they were created to be together. They spent a pleasant time together and in some days Robert proposed Margarita his hand and heart and she accepted his proposition with great pleasure……. So, their story…. This is the beginning of love story of Robert and Margarita. Margarita came to the agency with her wish to find love and make her own family with a good man. Frankly speaking Margarita’s photos were not perfect because she looked sad on them. And Margarita did not want to change them because she considered that if there is her half in this world he will see her soul and heart even on such photos. Margarita wrote to Bob the first. She was interested in him for his kind eyes and that he was tall and for his elegant beard. And she decided to try. Bob read her introduction letter and was interested in her sadness and it was interesting for him why such a pleasant lady is so sad. So, he wrote back to her. And it was a lovely surprise for Rita to receive quite a long reply from a gallant man at the end of January 2004. Even in the beginning of their correspondence they both understood that something can happen between them. Robert felt or expected the future and he wrote to Margarita: Perhaps we could be the two separate halves of the one whole person that I believe we both wish to become. At that time nobody could even assume that these pleasant words sounded as a prophecy and they could come true once. Their correspondence did not last for a long time. It was only several letters between them that gave them a possibility to understand that it is necessary to meet each other as soon as possible and Bob did all the best for realise it and in the second half of May, Robert arrived to Ukraine, and then having done a long way from Kiev up to Odessa where he was waited by the excited Margarita. Fortunately, the meeting passed successfully, both Margarita and Robert felt the emotional calmness to be beside each other. In some days Robert proposed Margarita his hand and heart and asked her to become his wife and she accepted such a romantic proposition with pleasure. Lives of two usual people, who lived so far from each other found each other and joined. And now the world will never be as sad and heavy as earlier for them because they both fell in love to each other and Margarita has a loved Bob, and Robert has the loving Margarita. They got married in Ukraine, in Kherson right at the end of August. They had a nice wedding and here their search ended - a new, light, full of impressions and new experiences, probably a little bit vain, but such a long-awaited and happy family life in San Diego, California began! Bob and Margarita came to us and they expressed their words of gratitude to the agency which helped Robert and Rita to find each other and become one of the happiest couples in the world.
Irina (Kherson, Ukraine)
Thomas Jones
I would like to recommend the Lena`s marriage agency to anyone that visits the Ukraine and travels to the city of Kharkov. They were very kind and helpful during my recent trip to the Ukraine .Their staff helped me find an apartment and came and picked me up at the hotel that I was staying in and took me to it. They are all very Professional and accommodating and if you are looking for a special someone for a relationship, I highly recommend their services. I also would like to extend a special thank you to each of them Elena and Svetlana not only for my stay in Kharkov, but for all of their help making suggestions of woman for me to meet, finding me a translator and especially for introducing me to a very Sweet Beautiful woman who I fell in Love with. Thank you all again for being my friends….
Elena (Kharkov, Ukraine)
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