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Belarus girls are amazing – they are intelligent, well-educated, beautiful looking …and the list goes on.
It takes a visa to travel to Belarus – it is the best investment any man can make – Belarus girls make outstanding wives.
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Online Dating Service to Meet Single Girls from Belarus
The Best Marriage Agency in Belarus to Find a Russian Bride

Authentic dating service featuring single Belarusian girls who are looking for a decent and caring man to share a relationship based on love and family life. Demographics make it so there is a ratio of 3:1 to 5:1 single women versus single men. So, it is easy to imagine that even if a Belarusian girl is smart, well-educated and very pretty; she still may have big difficulty to find a suitable life partner in her own country.

This is why so many register with their local marriage agency that helps them to find that special man by displaying their profile on our international dating and matchmaking site. With the help of our experienced matchmakers, they are looking for the man who will make their dream come true: become the beautiful bride of a decent and faithful man with who they will create a strong and happy family.

Belarus is home to one of former USSR most precious treasure: intelligent, well educated women who very family oriented. Belarusian girls possess the qualities that many men from countries of the West are looking for and cannot find in their own country. Belarus girls are not poor – they live in a country where there is free healthcare and good education. It is a country where people are happy to live and are proud. Single Belarus women are looking for a husband from abroad simply because of the shortage of available men in their own country. If you are looking for a wonderful wife with family values, why not seize this opportunity and introduce yourself to a beautiful Belarusian girl?

So Many Belarusian Girls Look Like Top Models
How can There be so Many Beautiful Girls in Belarus?
Why Should They Seek a Life Partner Outside Their Country?

So many Belarusian and Russian girls look like top models – it makes one wonder why they cannot find a husband in their own country? Furthermore, how can there be so many beautiful women – so many offer such an exquisite beauty: how can it be? One big factor is demographics – according to the last census, there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russian and former USSR countries. In some cities of Belarus, there is 5:1 ratio of single women versus single men.

Belarusian girls need to always look their best to have a chance to get one of the few available men ready to engage in a serious relationship. They eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. They walk a lot, go to the gym and keep their body in excellent shape. But Belarus women are not just pretty on the outside – they offer the qualities that many men cannot find in a wife in their own country: they are very family oriented and they like to consider their husband as the leader in the family. As any modern woman, they are contemporary and well educated - but their husband and family always remain the most important.

… Don’t you wish you could share your life with a girl like that?

Belarusian Women Dating - Meet Lyudmila from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Lyudmila
Age: 37
Height: 162 cm or 5 feet 4 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I consider myself as a kind, feminine, delicate, sensual, trustworthy, caring, family-oriented, tolerant, tactful, cheerful woman. My friends say I’m also generous, intelligent, diplomatic, with sense...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Online Dating with Stunning Belarusian Woman Marina from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Marina
Age: 48
Height: 167 cm or 5 feet 6 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I consider myself an interesting, cheerful woman with modern views on life. I am optimistic, energetic, free-spirited, unpretentious, I love life and treasure everything I have. I am goal-oriented and...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Dating Site to Meet Beautiful Belarusian Girl Alla from Shchuchin, Belarus
Name: Alla
Age: 55
Height: 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches
City: Shchuchin
Country: Belarus


My children say that I`m kind, sympathetic, tender, caring, reliable, restrain a little, calm but not shy, bright and energetic, faithful, patient, with good housekeeping skills...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Dating with Sexy Belarusian Lady Elena from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Elena
Age: 36
Height: 173 cm or 5 feet 8 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


As for my personality I’ll describe myself with the help of the ideas my family and friends give about me. They say I’m kind, sympathetic, feminine, elegant, loyal, goal-oriented, really optimistic, a...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Online Dating with Beautiful Belarusian Woman Nadezhda from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Nadezhda
Age: 69
Height: 159 cm or 5 feet 3 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I think I can describe myself as a delicate, family-oriented, sociable, creative and passionate woman....
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Belarusian Women Dating - Meet Yuliya from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Yuliya
Age: 22
Height: 162 cm or 5 feet 4 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I am feminine, caring, tender, honest, responsible, considerate, calm, communicative, well-organized. My close friends say that I am polite, hardworking, easy adaptable and diplomatic....
Click here to read more about me and contact me
International Marriage Agency Service to Meet Anastasiya from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Anastasiya
Age: 35
Height: 173 cm or 5 feet 8 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I can tell that I am an honest, kind- hearted, caring, loyal, emotional and sentimental, open-minded, passionate, sociable, courageous, purposeful, energetic, cheerful, creative nature, hospitable, fa...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Dating with Stunning Belarusian Girl Tatiyana from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Tatiyana
Age: 48
Height: 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


I am kind-hearted, open, tender, honest, loyal, feminine, considerate, modest, calm, with flexible character, adaptable....
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Pretty Girl from Belarus - Ekaterina from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 41
Height: 164 cm or 5 feet 5 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


The main character traits and these are my main advantages are kindness, cheerfulness, openness and curiosity. I like to make a holiday out of ordinary life, create joy around me and see people`s smil...
Click here to read more about me and contact me
Online Dating with Sexy Belarusian Woman Mariya from Grodno, Belarus
Name: Mariya
Age: 31
Height: 164 cm or 5 feet 5 inches
City: Grodno
Country: Belarus


Hello! I am Maria. I want to meet a man who will be my orange sunshine :).It’s always difficult to describe myself , but those who know me well consider that I am very caring person. I’m sociable and ...
Click here to read more about me and contact me

Imagine: sharing your life with a
Beautiful Belarus Girl like these ones!

Our Honest and Dependable Marriage Agency in Belarus
Can Help any serious Man to Find his Charming Russian Wife

With the help of our honest and dependable marriage agency in Belarus, we can help any serious man to find his beautiful and charming Russian wife. Each year, our matchmakers in Grodno contribute to the celebration of several international marriages between their beautiful girls and men from different countries. Belarusian women know how to make their husband happy and have the reputation to be excellent wives and caring mothers. They value the family as the most precious and they will fight to preserve it.

Russian girls still have the traditional family values which our parents and previous generations had. Nowadays, it seems that many contemporary women in different countries have other life priorities. They lost focus at these important family values that are an important part of the recipe of long lasting relationships. If you still believe in these important values, why not introduce yourself to one of these single Belarusian girls and it could be a step that will change your life forever and for the better – being married with a beautiful Russian woman.

Meet Belarusian Girls who are Seeking a Husband From Abroad
Quality Marriage and Matchmaking Services to Find a Russian Bride

Belarusian women live in a country with a lack of available men to marry. They join our international dating site and matchmaking agency to find a suitable husband and fulfill their dearest dream: to share love and a happy family life. Here is a true opportunity to meet charming Belarusian girls who are seeking a husband from abroad.

They dream to become the beautiful bride and loyal wife of a serious and faithful man with who they will share love and romance through a long term relationship. Our dependable and honest marriage agencies in Belarus can greatly help you to find your Russian bride. They are excellent hosts and offer the services you will need to travel with peace of mind when planning to meet your future Russian wife.

Any man who is serious about finding a future wife in Belarus can succeed. By the way, myself (Alain Lalonde, owner of this site) found my wonderful wife in Grodno, Belarus. If you have questions about traveling to Belarus and about dating women from Belarus, feel free to ask me you questions – [email protected]

If creating a relationship with a woman who values the family as the most important, then a Belarus girl is bound to make you happy. With the help of our dating site and international matchmaking service, men from all over the world are finding their beautiful Belarus bride each year. Why not take this opportunity? One of these beautiful girls may very well be your future bride!


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