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Meet Beautiful Belarussian Women
Maya (Grodno, Belarus)
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Frequently Asked Questions

About MyPartnerForever

About our Website

About Membership and Services

About Letter Forwarding

About traveling to Russia

About MyPartnerForever

Who are the owners?

Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva. Alain grew up working for a family business in Canada and has a great deal of experience in Customer Service. Yuliya is a language teacher and was an administrator for a college in Belarus for over twelve years.

Where is the company located?

Our head office is in Montreal, a beautiful city, Quebec, Canada.

Do you have offices in Russia?

We have partnered with numerous local agencies throughout Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and most former Soviet Union countries. To ensure we work only with honest and reliable agencies, we go the distance and meet them in their offices. This allows us to verify their way of work and more specifically how they validate the identity of their women and their true intentions to meet and marry a foreign husband. This also allows us at evaluating their ability to provide all the services foreign men will need when travelling to meet their special lady. We then keep a regular contact, often a daily contact, per email, telephone and Skype.

How can I contact you?

Email: support@mypartnerforever.com
Telephone: +1 (450) 264-6884

What are the company’s objectives and mission?

Our objectives and mission are to provide an interface where single men from around the world will be able to find their life partner among our single Russian women. This is how we met (Alain & Yuliya, owners of this website) and we feel privileged to be able to do something we love while helping people find each other, get married and be happy!

Our website is user-friendly, affordable and built around your needs. Your satisfaction is what matters the most and we do everything possible to reach that objective.

This website is for honest people truly seeking a partner for a long term relationship and marriage. If you have anything else in mind, please don’t register on our website.

About our Website

Where are all the women from?

Most women on our website are from Russia and CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States). For the purpose of the reader, we sometimes also refer to FSU (Former Soviet Union).

Why do so many beautiful Russian women seek partners from abroad?

There are approximately 10 MILLION more women than men in their native homeland. Overall there is a ratio of 4:1 women seeking a partner versus available men. As you can imagine, that means many Russian women looking for men are not able to find their "Prince Charming" – the man who will make their dreams come true. In Russia they say that “good-to-marry men” are spoken for before they come out of diapers. The fact is that most unmarried men are spoiled by the abundance of beautiful single women and aren’t looking to commit. Also, it’s a known fact that because of social and economic reasons, many men develop problems with alcohol and gambling. But please, don’t let these “statistics” get to you in the wrong way: Russian women are bright, proud and thus selective. They seek a well-balanced, honest and good hearted man to share their life with …nothing more nothing less.

Russian women have high traditional values. They seek a relationship built around stability, understanding, faithfulness and strong family values. Too often, they just cannot find such a partner among local men. They are aware that men from North America, Western Europe, Australia and South Africa, among other countries, treat their women with respect and share the same values which are so close to their hearts.

Are Russian women willing to relocate anywhere in the world?

Yes, every woman on our website is willing to relocate anywhere with the right man. They aren’t just looking for a green card or a way out of Russia. They seek a life partner and a family life, not a country. Since they live in a country where there are high standards of health and education, they will most likely prefer to move to a country with similar or better standards.

Why do so many young Russian women seek an older partner?

In the Russian tradition, it is common for women to seek older partners because they want maturity and stability in their relationships. An age difference of up to fifteen years is normal, with ten years being quite typical. Our advice is not to overdo it. If this gap is greater, it might work out perfectly, but you may be asking for future problems.

How many men actually find their wives in Russia and former USSR?

It is very difficult to find any statistics about this. Certainly there are tens of thousands of men from around the world who found their wives in Russia since the break-up of the USSR in 1991. Our numerous agencies have married thousands of their women over the years. Please see our Testimonials

Are there statistics about the success rate of these marriages?

Again, it is very difficult to find statistics about this. In the USA, the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) estimated that over 80% of Russian - American marriages are successful, which is approximately 20% greater than the overall success rate in the USA.

Russian women are extremely committed to marriage and they will go the extra mile to stay married. It is safe to say that if men do not choose partners much too young for them, don’t have drinking or drug problems, and help their wives adapt to their new country, the success rate of marriages with Russian women can be near perfect!

How do women post their profiles on your website?

Russian women on our website are registered with their local marriage agency. They meet in person at the agency offices and the agency owner or staff validates their identity with passport.

They then fill out the form with the data you see on their profile and they will either provide pictures or take them with the agent’s photographer. This way the agency can certify the identity and pictures of every one of their women. Furthermore, a relationship often develops between them and soon the agents can further help with the right choices and vice-versa when men go to their offices for a first meeting with a lady.

Are there any scammers on your website?

No, we have a zero tolerance policy towards scammers. Please visit our Anti-Scam Policy page and read our Russian Scam article.

Why did I see one of your women on another website?

It’s the same as when you try to find a partner. You can create a profile on more than one website to increase your visibility. Whether this woman is registered with more than one agency or her agency works with more than one website.

What is your privacy policy?

Please, read our Privacy policy

About Membership and Services

How can I post my profile?

Simply click the Join Now link and follow the instructions. We have a 1 step sign-up form that can be filled in minutes. Our sign-up form simply requires that you fill enough information to make your profile interesting to our women. You can later specify what is your occupation, what is your personality, your interests, what do you seek in a partner etc.

Are there fees to post my profile?

No, it’s 100% Free. No credit card required to post your profile. You will then have your own account with the possibility to upload 10 pictures for Free and have access to 100% of our database. You can also create your own Favorites list.

What are the guidelines to follow when I post my profile?

Text Guidelines:

  • No vulgar or obscene text.
  • No indication of contact information such as email, telephone etc.
  • You need to display enough information to make your profile interesting. Empty profiles won’t be approved.
  • The information is about YOU and must be accurate and truthful.

Photo Guidelines:

  • No vulgar or obscene photos.
  • No nude photos.
  • No indication of contact information such as email, telephone etc.
  • No clearly recognizable people other than YOU.

** Please exchange photos of your children, family and friends per your correspondence.

How can I delete my profile?

Login your account and click «Delete Account»

I’m an American Citizen; do you comply with the IMBRA ?

Yes, we fully comply with the IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act). It’s important to follow this procedure and be assured that your future bride will have all documents required by the IMBRA when seeking her K-1 Fiancée Visa. For more information, please visit the USCIS website. (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

Which Services do you offer?

Our objective and role are to provide all the help, advice and assistance you will need from the moment you decide to find your life partner in Russia until you are happily married. Following is a summary of the Services we offer. Read Services for full details.

  • Correspond with Russian ladies with our reliable and affordable Letter Forwarding system.
  • Ask a lady “Are we a Match?”
  • Send Flowers or Gifts to the lady you’re corresponding with.
  • Share a telephone conversation with your lady. When required, our agents will provide an interpreter.
  • Share a Skype video-call with your lady. When required, our agents will provide an interpreter.

Assist you with a wide range of services from the moment you arrive in Russia till your departure. Our agents can provide you the following services :

  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off.
  • Accommodation in furnished apartments or hotel rooms.
  • Invitation Letter and/or Visa support documents.
  • Introduction meetings in their offices.
  • Interpreters.
  • Use of a computer to send and retrieve your emails.
  • Car with driver.
  • Tour of the city.
  • Assistance in finding restaurants, booking an evening at opera etc.
  • Visa assistance and advice so your new bride (or future bride) can join you in your country.

How do I make contact with the women?

Browse profiles and select women you’re interested in, introduce yourself by sending them a well-structured letter to introduce yourself.

Can I send Flowers or Gifts to the women I am corresponding with?

Yes, you can. On every woman’s profile there’s a Send a Gift button. Click this button to see all Gifts available and follow the instructions.

Can I talk over the telephone to the women I am corresponding with?

Yes, you can. When viewing a woman’s profile, click on « Call... » and you will be brought to a form where you need to indicate the day and hour you wish to talk to your lady. You will also be able to indicate if you wish to have the help of an interpreter. Our agent will discuss your proposal with her and inform you whether she agrees or not to talk to you. We will then confirm her availability for the desired date and time or propose another day and time accordingly. We strongly recommend that you develop a relationship with the woman with a few letters before seeking a telephone conversation. Please visit our Telephone Calls page.

Can I have a Video-Skype communication with the woman I am corresponding with?

Yes, you can. When viewing a woman’s profile, click on « Skype with... » and you will be brought to a form where you need to indicate the day and hour you wish to talk to your lady. You will also be able to indicate if you wish to have the help of an interpreter. Our agent will discuss your proposal with her and inform you whether she agrees or not to talk to you. We will then confirm her availability for the desired date and time or propose another day and time accordingly. Please be aware that not all agents can provide this service due to the need to have high speed internet or at least some “medium speed” connection. Either way, it will help a lot if you have high speed. We strongly recommend that you develop a relationship with the woman with a few letters before seeking to meet her on Skype. Please visit our Skype Calls page.

What are your Membership plans?

Please read our Membership page.

Why do I need to purchase credits?

Credits enable you to use our Services. Since the Services are rendered by the agents, the credits go to the agents.

How can I keep track of my credit balance?

Login your account and click “Account History”, then “View Transaction” and you will see the detail of each transaction you’ve made.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept payments with MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards. We also accept payments via PayPal and ClickBank. If you wish to use other payment methods to use our services, please Contact Us.

About Letter Forwarding

How does your Letter Forwarding system works?

When you send a letter to a woman, it is sent directly to her local agent. The agent then calls the woman to inform her that she has received a letter. She will go to their office to get her letter and check your profile. If she’s interested in getting to know you more, she will write you back. If she’s not interested, she will simply click “Not Interested” to inform you of her position. You will never be charged for “not interested’’ letters. Her response may take between 1 to 3 days depending on how quickly the woman can pick up your letter. Read Letter Forwarding and Letter Writing Tips and Advice.

Can I have my Letters translated into Russian?

Yes, we have professional Interpreters and they are fluent in Russian and English. Translating personal Letters requires a lot more than the skill of translating words. Their experience allows them to keep the meaning of each personal Letter. However, please avoid using “slang”. Please read Translation and Interpreters.

How can I know if translation is required?

If the lady indicates her English ability as Initial or Medium, we recommend you to use our translation services for your first correspondence. By having your letter translated you automatically pre-approve translation of her reply, if required. However, if the woman has the ability to write in English, you will not be charged translation fees on her reply letter and of course you won’t need to ask for translation for your next letter to her.

Most people in Russia have learned some English at school and their communication level varies according to their work and social environment. Many of them are also in the process of learning. Young people are generally quite familiar with the English language.

How can I know if the letters I sent were received?

Log in to your account and go to “Messaging” and then click “Outbox”. There you will see all letters sent and the status of each letter. If the envelope is opened, it means the agent opened it and is in contact with the woman.

Will you notify me when I get new mail?

Yes, we will notify you by email every time you get new mail. You can also log in to your account, click “Inbox” and see all letters received.

How many letters do women receive?

We don’t display this information as it is confidential for everyone. Obviously, it varies a lot depending on how attractive they are, their English ability, their age, location etc. However even the most beautiful women on our site will get far less attention and letters than on interactive websites. Also please remember that the quality of the letter you send can make a big difference. Take the time to choose women who match your mutual age range, with who share similar interests and write them a detailed and sincere letter. As with everything, if you don’t try …you’ll never know!

Is it possible that some letters may not be answered?

No, if the lady isn’t interested in corresponding with you, she will let you know by clicking “Not Interested” which will automatically display this same message in your Outbox on the letter you sent her. This also triggers to reimburse you any credits you used to write her this Letter. You can verify this and follow all transactions activity from the “Account History / View Transactions” page in your account.

Can we exchange personal emails and telephone numbers?

To ask a lady for her personal contact information, go on her profile page and click the link “Ask me for my personal contact information”. To use this service, you need to be a member of our website with paid membership and you need to have received a minimum of 5 letters from this lady. Her personal contact information may be her telephone number and / or personal email.

Another way to ask a lady for her personal contact information is to plan a meeting with her. All our agencies offer the services you will need when you plan to meet the lady in her hometown. You can do so by going on her profile page and following the link “Plan a meeting with me”. Our agency will then contact you to confirm the meeting and the services you booked. From this point, feel free to ask the agency for the contact info of the lady.

Are the letters screened or censored?

As explained above, we don’t allow the exchange of personal contact info through the letters. Part of our quality control program, we prevent the usage of vulgar words in the letters. We ask you to remain polite and respectful. Communicating in a vulgar or obscene way with a woman could result in the termination of your account. Read ourTerms of Service

About traveling to Russia

I’ve been communicating with a woman for some time and we want to meet, can you help?

Yes, we will assist you every step of the way to make sure your journey is pleasant and successful. Go to your future Russian bride’s profile page and click “Plan a meeting with me” and follow the instructions.

Is it safe to travel to Russia and Former Soviet Union countries?

Yes, Russia is a safe country to travel. Just like traveling in any country, follow the basic safety rules and you will be fine. Please read Is it safe to travel to Russia?

What about the language barrier?

You don’t need to worry too much about the language barrier. This isn’t as much of an issue as it would have been years ago. Young people are getting more and more familiar with the English language and most people working with the public can hold a conversation in English. If required, our local agents will provide an interpreter.

For which countries do I need a Visa to travel?

Russia – you will need a Visa
Belarus – you will need a Visa
The Ukraine – Citizens of the USA, Canada, Japan, European Union countries, Norway, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra, Iceland, Swiss Confederation and Liechtenstein don’t need a Visa for a visit of less than 90 days. All other citizens need a Visa.
Other CIS countries: you will need a Visa

Follow this link for more information on Visas

How can I get a Visa?

Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate from the country you intend to visit. The paperwork may seem complicated at first glance but as you get familiar with the process, it becomes rather simple. You can also ask your travel agent to help or work with one of the numerous internet agencies that specialize in this field. Follow this link for more information on Visas

What if a woman asks me for money for a Visa and traveling?

Never send money to a woman you haven’t already met and trust. If a woman asks you for money, she is most likely dishonest. If this ever happens, please let us know and we will investigate. Please visit our Anti-Scam Policy page.

What is the meaning of FSU and CIS?

FSU (Former Soviet Union) refers to all 15 republics that formed the USSR before the break-up in 1991.

CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) refers to an alliance of 9 of the 15 former soviet republics, which was formed on December 21, 1991 signalling the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Follow this link to read more details in our Glossary

What type of lodging do you offer on your Tours?

Apartments are the most popular type of accommodation in these countries. Apartments are clean, fully furnished, securely located and can be rented by the day or week. They vary in size and level of luxury but you will always find a kitchen, private bathroom and bedroom. Our agents offer a wide range of apartments. The price is competitive and usually cheaper than hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are available in most cities but not all agents offer them, as apartments are standard.

Do I need medical insurance?

When traveling in any country we recommend you get medical insurance for the length of your trip.

What about currency and credit cards?

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries have their own currencies but Euros, USD and most credit cards are widely accepted. Most credit card companies have software which detects suspicious activities. If they are not aware that you will be traveling in Eastern Europe, there’s a possibility they will freeze your card after a few purchases. It is recommended that you call your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling to Eastern Europe at such date. They then take note of this and it could prevent your card from being frozen.

What’s the climate like?

Russia is the largest country on the planet, so it really depends on which city you’re traveling to. For some reason (probably media and movies) we often picture Russia as a very cold country. This is true for Siberia but not for most populated areas where you are likely to travel. However, it is a northern country and if you plan to travel in the winter, dress accordingly.

What about transportation and driving?

Unless you are very familiar with Russia and can read Russian, we recommend you don’t bother renting a car. All of our agents can provide a driver with a car for very reasonable fees. Taxis, subway, buses and train travel are safe and affordable.

Can I use my cellular phone?

Russian providers use the GSM technology as do all European countries. If you are from North America, your cell phone may not use this technology depending of your provider. You should also verify what kind of coverage and rate packages your provider can offer to avoid expensive roaming charges. Our agencies can usually provide a mobile phone rental by the day.

Will I have access to Internet connections?

Generally speaking, expensive hotels in large cities offer Wi-Fi connections. However apartment lodging is generally the way to go in Russia and more and more apartments offer Wi-Fi connections as well. When choosing an apartment, there will be an indication whether a Wi-Fi connection is available. We recommend you travel light and leave the laptop at home. If you have a Blackberry or a similar device, you might be able to use it depending on which technology it uses, verify with your provider. Otherwise, you can always access your mailbox from our agent’s offices or through numerous internet clubs. They are easy to find and inexpensive (approx. $1.00 USD per hour).

What about the voltage, will I need an adaptor?

The voltage in Russia is 220 volts as in all European countries. Most laptops will take 110 or 220. Your electric razor should be fine for 220 as well. For any appliances, verify on the adapter and if you see 250, it’s OK for 220 volts. If you are from a country that uses 110 volts, such as Canada and the USA, you will need an adapter so your 2 flat prongs will adapt to the 2 round holes of the European standard 220 inlet. This can be bought in most department stores or electronic stores for a few dollars. If you want to use an appliance which uses 110 and cannot take 220, you will need a transformer that brings the 220 to 110. This can be bought at most electronic stores for approx $30.00 USD.

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