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Honest and reliable marriage agency network helping men from different countries to find a Russian wife.
Datingsite to Meet Beautiful Belarusian Woman Elena from Grodno, Belarus
Pretty Woman from Ukraine - Ekaterina from Odessa, Ukraine
Dating Service to Meet Single Belarusian Lady Olga from Grodno, Belarus
Sexy Ukrainian Girl Mariya from Kiev, Ukraine
Sexy Ukrainian Lady Irina from Kiev, Ukraine
Meet Stunning Ukrainian Woman Elena from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Single Girl from Ukraine - Bogdana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Meet Stunning Belarusian Girl Viktoriya from Grodno, Belarus
Charming Ukrainian Girl Tatiyana from Kiev, Ukraine
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International marriage agency - My Partner Forever
Harry, UK
Any of you men out there thinking ‘should I’ do it! Life is too short, the service is first class, the staff are first class and the results might change your life forever!… read more
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Geir, Norway
Yuliya and Alain! You are all the BEST!! I fell very VERY Blessed to know you and to have been guided to your caring site. … read more
Corny, Canada
I just wanted to thank you for understanding about the double tap on my introduction letter to Viktoriya, it`s very rare that anyone ever takes the time to take notice of such things and correct them instead of just charging the individual without a second thought. Actions such as those are seemingly small and very often unappreciated, but also highly valuable in the reputation of a business such as yours.… read more
Scott Mundy, USA
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International Dating Site and Matchmaking Services
To Meet Single Russian Women and Find a Beautiful Bride

Datingsite to Meet Stunning Ukrainian Girl Ekaterina from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Our International dating site and matchmaking services help thousands of men from all over the world to find their Russian brides each year. With the help of honest marriage agencies and experienced matchmakers, we can help serious men to find and meet single Russian ladies in Minsk, Odessa, St Petersburg, Kiev and most cities of Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

Thousands of Beautiful Belarusian, Ukraine and Russian singles rely on our matchmaker services and Russian personals to find the serious man who will make their dreams come true: create a strong family and become the lovely wife of a decent and good-hearted man.

Russian Brides are Contemporary, Well-Educated Girls
They use the Internet and International Dating Sites to Find a Life Partner

Russian brides are gorgeous ladies who are using today’s technology to find their "other half". With the help of their local marriage agencies and experienced matchmakers, they upload their profiles on our Online Russian women personals.

A typical Russian girl is intelligent, well-educated and want to be with a man who will do more than ask her to become his lovely wife in the first or second letter, as it used to be. Nowadays, with the help of their marriage agencies and international matchmaking services, thousands of Russian ladies become the beautiful bride of lucky men from all over the world each year.

We Work Only with Honest and Reliable Marriage Agencies
Use our Experienced Matchmakers to Find a Beautiful Russian Wife

Working with only truthful Russian marriage agencies has been our main concern since the beginning of our online international marriage services. We are proud to work with the best Belarus agency, located in the city of Grodno. We are concerned about our clients’ objectives and have developed quality international marriage service. We focus on providing our clients all the services required from their search of a Russian bride to the help and advice with the planning of a wedding and the immigration process which follows.

We take great pride in every international marriage generated by our matchmakers and their quality matchmaking services. Our online dating website allows people from different countries to find each other, fall in love and create long lasting relationships. International marriage has a magic aspect and a proven track record of higher success than local marriages. Eastern European women give you the best of both worlds: exclusive beauty and strong family values.

We Have a Zero Tolerance Towards Agency Scams and Dating Scammers
We Refuse Women and Agencies Regularly, We Prefer Quality over Quantity

Agency scams, brides scam and Russian marriage scam are not part of our business philosophy. We prefer quality over quantity. We prefer less income and satisfied clients. As in any sphere of business, some people find a way to abuse the trust of others and unfortunately there are many cases of dating scammers abusing the trust of honest men looking for a life partner.

Looking at profiles on Russian women personals or any beautiful Russian woman on the numerous online dating websites, a normal reaction is to think these women are real and honest and not part of a scammer list. Unfortunately, many dating websites are owned by unscrupulous people who have no respect for human feelings. To the honest and serious men looking for a pretty bride in Eastern Europe: don’t give up, there are honest online dating websites and we are part of them. We refuse the application of suspect women and marriage agencies regularly. We do not tolerate any form of agency scams, brides scam and Russian marriage scams.

Working with Reliable Marriage Agencies in Russia and Former USSR
We offer the Best Online Dating Services to Find Russian Girls for Marriage

Our honest and reliable local marriage agencies in Russia and former USSR offer the best dating service to meet single women in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine. Browse 1000’s of profiles of sexy Russian singles and Hot Ukraine single women seeking a husband. Our online international dating services helps men from around the world to find Russian girls for marriage.

Russian girls still have the traditional family values which were so dear to our parents and grand-parents. Unfortunately, nowadays many young girls in western countries have other life priorities and lost focus at this fundamental value on which relies the base of serious and life lasting relationships. If you still believe in these precious values, get in contact with one of these sexy Russian singles and it could be a first step that will change your life for the better and forever.

… Wouldn’t you love to share your life with a lady like this?

Elena is interested in international marriage
My name is Elena. I’m 39 years old.
I am single and live in Kiev, Ukraine.
International dating helps you meet women like Tatiyana
I am Tatiyana from Minsk, Belarus.
I’m 43 years old, divorced and seeking a partner.
Valentina is interested in international dating
Are you looking for a beautiful 52 years old girl from Grodno? It is me!
My name is Valentina and I’m looking for my second half.

Sexy Russian Women Dream to Become Beautiful Brides
They wish to create a Strong Family with a Honest and Kind Hearted Man

Sexy Russian women become the beautiful wives of thousands of men each year. Why would a sexy Russian girl look for a partner in another continent? Why would such beautiful Russian women be willing to move to another country, thus leaving the family, friends and job? Looking at the profiles of these beauties, many looking like Top Russian models, it is normal to wonder: why are these women seeking a man outside her country? Many points of view and opinions circulate, one of them being that they seek a way out of their country for a better life. This is the minority; the vast majority of them simply seek a good man to share their life with.

Without a doubt: these hot ladies become the good wives of thousands of men from western countries each year. Although official statistics are difficult to find, international marriages will generally outlast local ones. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), “marriages arranged through marriage agencies would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole, with 80 percent of these marriages having lasted over the years for which reports are available.”

These hot Russian singles are often quite beautiful looking, but mostly: they are intelligent, well-educated and hard workers. They like to consider the man as the head of their family. Please, don’t take us wrong: they are not submissive. They are just as independent as any human being should be. Only, part of their heritage makes it so they still consider their man as a strong leader who will protect and lead his family in the right direction. Unlike many western women, they don’t see the need to be independent and self-sufficient within a couple. Isn’t this part of the ingredients which made relationships last a life time in our grand parents’ days?

A typical Pretty Russian woman, Belarus woman or Ukraine woman seeks a good man to build a family with. She looks for a man who will provide financial security, be faithful and be a good leader for his family. Financial security doesn’t mean large estates, nice cars and lots of jewellery; it simply means she seeks a man who can provide a good roof, a good education to their children and always keep his family a top priority.
If you believe in these precious values, then one of these hot Russian ladies may be your future wife.

... We`re living proof!
You too can enjoy love with one of these beautiful Russian women. Explore the Russian women on our site

We are Yuliya and Alain. We’re the founders and owners of MyPartnerForever.com. In 2006, we were living on different parts of the world, searching for our life partner without success.

We decided to register with an international matchmaking service to broaden our search to different parts of the world... and in just a few months we found each other through online matchmaking website similar to this one. Within weeks we could no longer deny it... we had fallen madly in love!

Within a year, we were living together with our children (my daughter Anastasiya and Alain’s son, Charles) in Montreal, Canada. We can honestly tell you that our lives are wonderful and we are grateful for this. We are each other’s “second half” and every day, we fall deeper in love. In fact, even though we’ve been married for years, we wake up in each other’s arms every morning feeling like we’re still on our honeymoon!

Our story is truly special... but it is NOT unique. Any honest man, who would like to find a caring and pretty Russian woman to share his life with, can reach his goal just as Alain did.

All you have to do is take a chance!

If you’d like to talk to one of these gorgeous Russian women RIGHT NOW, sign up for our 10-day free trial today!

Beautiful Kiev Women, St Petersburg Ladies and Odessa Girls
Have a Common Dream: to Become a Beautiful Bride and Loving Wife

Beautiful women from St Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa and hot girls from Kazan, Kherson and Mariupol all have one thing in common: they dream to become the good wife, a gorgeous bride and create a happy and strong family. These Russian beauties are well educated and intelligent. As any woman, they know their value and potential and they won’t settle for a green card or a materialistic life. They seek a man who has similar qualities as they do: intelligence, a good education, a healthy body and mostly: faithfulness and the ability to keep the family the top priority.

Since her childhood, a Russian girl is taught by her mother how to become a good wife to her beloved man and how to always make him proud by being a faithful bride. This process involves a very healthy diet and regular activities. Obviously, most Russian women apply these principles as they remain very attractive through their whole lives.

What about Russian Bride Scams
Ukrainian Bride Scammers or Agency Scam

Russian bride scams, Ukrainian bride scammers and agency scams are not part of our network. We don’t tolerate any form of scam. Scammers know this and stay away from us.

We (Alain and Yuliya) take all required measures to prevent any form of scam to take place on our dating website. Our main priority is to have satisfied clients and to create happy couples. How we proceed to achieve this and how we differentiate ourselves from most other online websites:

  • We make sure we work only with truthful marriage agencies. We take all required measures to do this, including meeting them in their offices and verifying their way of work.
  • We guarantee that every women registered with our local agencies have been met in person, validated their identity with passport, and are motivated at finding a foreign life partner.
  • We guarantee that nobody is writing letters with the purpose of generating sales and business.
  • We don’t hide behind curtains. Anyone can see both of us on the homepage of our dating website.
  • We are always available to speak to our clients. We both work full time on this business and love our work

The best way to avoid being scammed is to work with an honest dating website. We are honest people doing honest business. Russian bride scams, Ukraine dating scammers and agency scams are some of the worst things that can happen to an honest man looking for a Russian bride. The loss of money combined with the breach of trust is devastating. We don’t wish anyone to suffer this and we take all necessary measures to avoid this from happening.

Quality Dating Site and Matchmaking Services to Find a Russian Bride
Reliable and Trusted Marriage Agencies Introducing Single Russian Women

Our International online dating and matchmaking services help thousands of men from all over the world to find their beautiful Russian wife each year. With our honest marriage agencies and experienced matchmaker services, we can help serious men to find and meet single Russian women in Kazan, St Petersburg, Kiev, Grodno, Minsk, Odessa and most cities of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.

Thousands of Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian singles rely on our matchmaker services and Russian personals to find the man who will make their dreams come true: create a strong and happy family and become the lovely bride of a decent man.

All our best wishes,

Alain and Yuliya


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